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Welcome to laruku_icons! I am your Mod. otaku_akira. This is a community for posting any icons, colorbars, image blends etc. for the Japanese rock band L'arc en ciel. There are a few rules for this community.
1: I know we all love Laruku, but please no flaming any of the members or anything like that. If you are going to start a flame war please, please do not bring it into this community.
2: Posting of other icons is ok, but please make sure that you have at least 3 Laruku icons in your post. If there are more than 3 please put them behind a cut.
3: If you are posting any icons containing inappropriate content(nudity, cuss words etc.), put them behind a cut.
4: Advertising for other communities is ok, but I don't want to see them all over the community.

If you are unsure of the rules or have any questions just ask! ^__^ I hope this will be a very nice community. If it seems like I have dissapeared of the face of the planet, it is because I am in school and things are very busy.

Thanks! otaku_akira

L'arc en ciel is sugoii!!

Ken is OMG!Sexy!

Hyde is sexLOVE!

Gackt is LOVE!